The Natural Choice

Hormone Free Dairy Products

We also hold our milk to high standards as well. All of our Swiss Premium Dairy Products come from local Lancaster County farms. The farmers that own these farms pledge never to feed or supplement their cattle with artificial growth hormones. This high standard of this pledge, in turn, is passed on to you the consumer, who can have the peace of mind knowing that your families are getting a high-quality, hormone-free, and fresh product.

Another thing we can assure our customers is that our products are of the highest level of quality. We have a very strong relationship with our dairy provider that we have built up over the past 40 plus years of business. Our stores receive a delivery every night ensuring our products are always fresh.

Teas and Drinks with No Preservatives and No High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Did you know Swiss Premium Teas and Drinks do not contain high-fructose corn syrup? Instead, Swiss Premium All Natural Teas and Drinks are sweetened with pure cane sugar.  Our teas and drinks may not last as long as other teas that can sit on store shelves for weeks or even months, but that is because we use no preservatives and our product never heat treated. All of our products are “cold packed”. This means Swiss Premium All Natural Teas and Drinks are manufactured cold, packaged cold, stored cold, and shipped cold. This provides you the consumer with the freshest product available.