Keys to a Healthier Heart

A great gift this month is the gift of a healthy heart. Along with Valentine’s Day, February marks American Heart Month– a perfect time to commit and make some changes to promote a better lifestyle, which can ultimately lead to a lifetime of happiness and good health.

Sometimes It’s All About the Little Things

Taking proper precautions and making small changes can make a big difference. Your heart sends oxygen, nutrients and vital nutrients to all parts of your body. That’s what your heart does for you ­–  what have you done for ‘it’ lately? Here are a few ways to pay attention to your heart’s well-being this month.

  1. Be conscious of your eating habits. Try to eat healthier options, cook at home and control your sodium intake. One example, swap out the salt and use fresh herbs or dried spices instead. Try to avoid high sodium foods. Swiss Farms provides fresh, healthy prepared meals, along with “better-for-you” products at all of our store locations. (Ask your associate for more details upon arrival)
  2. Add exercise to your daily routine. Start by getting up and taking a walk. Adding a 30-minute walk to your day, three times a week is a small, but great step in the right direction.
  3. Quit smoking. If you are a smoker, quitting can cut your risk of stroke and heart disease drastically. For more information, visit and click the quit smoking tab.
  4. Change your chocolate choice. Did you know that dark chocolate, when eaten in moderation, is actually good for you? Switch it up, from milk to dark chocolate, and feel better about your snacking.
  5. Connect with those who make your heart happy. Spending time with family and friends gives you the opportunity to give and receive love, which is very important when keeping a positive attitude and outlook in life.

Raising Awareness by Wearing Your Red

Beating roughly 115,200 times per day, your heart is one hard worker!  Across the state and the nation, millions of people will don red attire on Friday, Feb. 3 – National Wear Red Day. Women and men across the country will be wearing red sweaters, red dresses, red ties or red dress pins to show their support of the American Heart Association’s mission to saves lives from the nation’s No. 1 killer. – according to Don’t forget to wear your red this Friday when you pull up to Swiss Farms to show your support.




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