Wake Up with Cruiser all Year Long

2017 is the year of the Rooster, and particularly for our new mascot, Cruiser! In ancient Chinese culture, roosters represent punctuality, for he wakes people up on time each day. Cruiser wants to wake up our community each morning, whether it be with a signature roast coffee, a delicious house-made breakfast sandwich or with some our fresh breakfast essentials – milk, bread, eggs, sausage links and more! We look forward to serving you each morning.

New Year-New You, Let’s Start with Fresh Fruit!

Did you know that we have fresh fruit at all of our Swiss Farms locations? This weekend, January 7,8, there will be free samples of our fresh watermelon for all those who visit. With the start of a new year, why not start with some fresh fruit and good eats?


Here are a few tips to ensure a healthy start to 2017:

1. Move your body.
You can’t underestimate the power of experiencing the strength of your physical body in healthy ways. Find healthy movement that you enjoy and try to participate in it at least 60 minutes daily. You’re establishing rhythms that will support you throughout your life, so get a move on.

2. Eat more fruits and veggies.
Your body craves nourishment in every calorie. Why do you think you can’t stop eating that junk food!? Save yourself the trouble of discovering your metabolism can no longer handle all the treats you eat, and fill your plate with fruits, greens and veggies.

3. Make connections with people (in person)!
Life is amazing and beautiful, but you have to look up from your phone to see it. Connect with nature and people in real life rather than through your technology, and when you are with them, keep your technology away. The filling of the heart and mind you’ll experience will surprise you.


We look forward to seeing you this weekend!



tips sourced from mindbodygreen.com