Q&A with Cruiser’s Name Creator


We had the chance to chat with the lucky contest winner, Maggie Simmonds – here is what she shared,


Q: How did you come up with the rooster’s name?
A: I came up with the name Cruiser because I wanted something that rhymed closely with rooster and wanted something that highlights what makes Swiss Farms different, the drive-thru convenience. Cruiser was an easy and appropriately fitting name.

Q: Was it difficult for you to come up with a name for our rooster?
A: As a dance studio owner at night, I am surrounded by a lot of creativity. I am always thinking about and coming up with fun ideas for the students and different events, so being challenged with naming a character goes right along with my line of thinking.  It’s fun that my name was chosen.  It makes me smile to know that Cruiser was named by me. I’m so happy to be part of the continued Swiss Farms tradition.

Q: How long have you been a Swiss Farms customer?
A: I’ve been a Swiss Farms customer ever since I can remember. Seriously. Having grown up in Ridley Park, I can remember stopping at the Route 420 Swiss Farms, with my grandfather, or my parents, on rides to, or from, my aunt’s house, in Morton, on an almost daily basis.

Q: What do you remember always having in your fridge growing up?
A: With six brothers and sisters, there was always the need for Swiss 2% milk. I loved getting Swiss chocolate milk as a treat as a kid.

Q: Did you ever not have a Swiss Farms nearby and miss it significantly?
A: Actually, yes. I missed having the convenience of Swiss Farms when I moved away to the Midwest in my 20s and early 30s. I would tell my Midwestern friends they were missing out on some of the best stuff, especially the Tea Cooler, from this great Delco PA drive-thru store. We always wondered why there weren’t drive-thru convenience stores in the Midwest.

Q: What do you enjoy most from Swiss Farms?
A: I’ve been back in Delco since the birth of my eldest child (who’s almost 16), and I frequent Swiss Farms regularly. I love the convenience and the friendliness of the staff, and of course the vast selection of products. There are so many more choices at the stores now than what we had when I was a kid.


Along with bragging rights, Maggie will receive free ice-cream pints for the entire month of December. Congratulations, and way to go Maggie. Stay tuned for some fun selfies and photos!

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