Philly Foodworks


How it works . . .

The Philly Foodworks Rolling Farm Share makes it easy to support local producers and eat delicious, seasonal food. Members can sign-up for a farm share or just shop the online market. Members who select a farm share will still have to opportunity to view what is coming to them deselect any items or add any items from the online market.

Swiss Farms in Havertown is now a pick up location!  Go to to sign up, now!

Online market

There are over 400 products in the online market including meat, cheese, fresh baked bread, fruit, vegetables, preserves, snacks, health foods, vegetarian proteins, and so much more. Each product is listed with a description including nutrition info, tasting info, storage info and recipes. Each items also has a description of the producer, their story and how they grow/make their food.


All shares are completely customizable and you can still use the online market. Shares include:

Large Produce Share: 2-4 people. $40/week. Fruits + Vegetables

Small Produce share: 1-2 People, $30/week. Fruits + Vegetables

Chef’s share:  1-2 people, $40/week, Fruits + Vegetables + one item from our pantry that is paired with the produce in your share. The share also comes with a recipe on how to use the pantry item.

Pick-up details + weekly schedule

Find out what is available on Thursday night. Add/remove items from your share and shop the online market until Monday at 8PM. Pick-up your share on Wednesday at the Havertown Swiss Farms. Shares are delivered on Wednesday by 4PM and will be held for 30 hours (until the store close the following day).

Payment options

Debit on Delivery: Put no money down and get charged on the day of your delivery.

Pre-pay: Put money on your account and each delivery will be deducted from your account balance. We use the prepayment to provide no interest financing for farmers. When your balance drops below $0, it will automatically charge your account the value of your pre-payment, but you can change your payment increment at any time. We also offer bonus credits for larger prepayments.

Food Standards

We choose our food and farmers based on standards created and valued by our members. These standards do not always fit the various certifications available today but are assessed by the quality of produce, health and safety of the worker, product and environment. For the majority of the year our food is sourced within a 150-mile radius of Philadelphia. During the drought of winter, we source elsewhere, but our high standards of production never change. It never includes GMO. Some grow organically, but uncertified, and some are pursuing Certified Naturally Grown (a less costly alternative to USDA Organic).


The co-founders started Philly Foodworks after struggling to find distribution outlets while they were farming in West-Philadelphia. Many of their fellow farmers were having similar difficulties so they began Philly Foodworks.

Philly Foodworks strives to support local, sustainable producers while bringing good food to the community. They provide farmers with funding upfront and work with community groups to make local food more accessible for all.