Pathways, PA – A Charitable Partnership


Pathways, PA

Swiss Farms is a proud partner of PathWays PA, founded in 1978, as the Women’s Association for Women’s Alternatives. It served as one of Pennsylvania’s first residential programs to keep low-income, vulnerable women together with their children and has grown to become one of the Greater Philadelphia Region’s foremost providers of residential and community-based services for women, children and families. Each year over 4,500 women, children and families benefit from our full complement of social services; job training and employment assistance; as well as outreach and residential programs as they move along the path to self-sufficiency.

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Excess Food Donations

Excess food from Swiss Farms is donated to Pathways, PA Center for Families, providing 250-300 meals, weekly.

Annual, Holiday Fundraiser

Over the holidays, guests of Swiss Farms receive a punch card to ‘Gift a Meal’ to Pathways, PA.  For every 10 fresh meals purchased, Swiss Farms donates a meal to Pathways, PA Center for Families in each guests’ name.  In 2015, Swiss Farms guests that participated in the program ‘gifted’ over 200 meals to families in need! In 2016, Swiss Farms guests raised approx. $1,700 for repairs on the Center for Families home at Pathways PA!


Swiss Farms employees host approximately 6 events per year at Pathways, PA Center for Families providing food, drinks, fun & games for the children and mothers to enjoy!

2015 Center for Families Volunteer Day

On June 18, 2015, over 40 Swiss Farms employees volunteered a full day dedicated to improving the home for the Pathways, PA residents.  Improvements included: Painting the cafeteria, fixing the playground, filling the empty sandbox, restoring the playhouse and planting a garden and flowers!  A group of volunteers played games and read books to the children while we worked!