Back To My Cock-A-Doodle-Doo’ing!

Back to work! I don’t know about you, but after a three-day weekend, I need something to get me pumped back up for work again! Good thing we’ve always got fresh brewed coffee here at Swiss Farms! I spent my Memorial Day relaxing with my feet up and an ice cold Thirstea Now in my hand… err… wing. How did you spend your holiday weekend?

If you’re like me, and you need a pick-me-up so you can get back to work, remember to stop by Swiss Farms on your morning commute! Our coffee is always ready to go. Need a stronger kick? We’ve got Monster and Redbull too! Sometimes even a Rooster needs some wings!

Stay tuned to find out which Swiss Farms store I’ll be cruising by next! I’d love for you to stop by, say hi, and maybe snap a picture with me! See you then.


Did You See Me Today?

I woke up early this morning, as roosters usually do, to meet with some of my friends at the Brookhaven store. I was able to help serve coffee to folks on their commute into work and I got to take photos with children before they headed to school for the day. I absolutely loved getting such a fun and exciting start to my day, especially when I got to stock up my car, I mean tractor, full of some of Swiss Farm’s yummy treats. I made sure to get some BOGO Herr’s potato chips, and of course a delicious sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich and an iced coffee for the road! What Swiss Farms’ items do you stock up on when you drive thru?

I can’t believe how many people I waved to today as they drove by me! My wings hurt from waving so much! OUCH! Did you see me waving in front of the Brookhaven store? Did you wave back or honk at me? If you did, be sure to mention it to one of my friends at a Swiss Farms location, and ask which store I will be at next. I can’t wait to meet you all when I am out and about in the community.






Summer is Upon Us

The weather is finally heating up, and school will be out before you know it! You know what that means! It’s time to cruise on down to the Jersey Shore for some sun and fun! There’s nothing a rooster loves more than the sun… except maybe tea cooler! I always remember to pack my Swiss Farms cooler with all of my favorite drinks and snacks. Swiss Farms makes it so easy to grab everything I need on my way to the beach or a family picnic. What do you pack in your cooler for a weekend at the shore?

I’ll be posting a lot over the summer, so I hope I hear from all of you too! Share some of your vacation pics! Do you drink tea cooler on the Ocean City beach, bring your Swiss Farms cooler to the Wildwood boardwalk, or just grab some munchies for your drive to Sea Isle? Take a snap and share it, I’d love to see!


Swiss Has Something for Everyone

The days are getting hotter and you can tell that summer is just around the corner. What’s a parent to do? Kids are hungry, thirsty and want to have fun.  You have the kids in the car but you don’t want to get out.  It’s just too hot!!  Drive on in to any of our 13 drive thru locations and grab a hoagie, tea cooler, and a nice cold popsicle.   Do you have a dog?  Fabulous!  Bring them along too, we even have treats for pets.

Are you a sports fan? Do you have a house down the shore?  Do you love to go on picnics at Ridley Creek Park?  We have the perfect solution for those hot summer outings.  Get the good times going with your very own Swiss Farms cooler.  Pack the cooler with your favorite teas, lemonades and tea cooler, and you’re on your way to enjoy your day. We even have the ice and will pack it for you, all without ever leaving your car.

With over 750 products inside each store, there will always be something to satisfy you on those long, hot summer days and our happy associates will bring whatever you need right to your car door with no fuss!   Come by Swiss Farms for all the goodies that you need!

Cooler Bundles Now Available

Doing some traveling this summer?

We have the perfect cooler for you to take along with you!

Starting May 15, we will be selling our 2017 Swiss Farms cooler bundles at all of our store locations. Listed below are the different options available.

  • Swiss Cooler – $14.99
  • Swiss Cooler, one bag of ice, six pints of choice – $18.99
  • Swiss Cooler, four frozen dessert bars/ water ice of choice – $19.99
  • Swiss Cooler, ketchup, one pack of Bubba burgers, one pack of hamburger buns, one gallon of tea – $34.99