Swiss Farms Mobile App Security

Your security is our highest priority.

Thank you for your interest in the Swiss Farms mobile app. The security and safety of your private data is our highest concern. This brochure addresses many concerns related to the security of your method of payment and your private information in general. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at

Credit/Debit Card Security

It’s important to note that, since the Swiss Farms app links to your credit or debit card, you remain protected by all the security features available through your bank or credit card company.

Swiss Farms and LevelUp

The Swiss Farms app is managed by LevelUp, a developer who specializes in payment apps and has additional security measures in place above and beyond those provided by credit and debit cards, though.

LevelUp’s internal security team works tirelessly to provide you not only the easiest way to pay, but also the safest way to pay. We and Level Up are committed to setting the golden standard for security in payments.

PCI Compliance

LevelUp and the Swiss Farms app are 100% compliant to the letter and intent of all Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations, rules, and recommendations.

Triple Token System

The data encoded in the QR code you use to transact is NOT your credit or debit card information. It’s a randomly generated token with no meaningful information. It maps to a token on our servers which maps to yet another token in the Braintree Vault. Only the combination of these tokens (and two other factors of authentication) can initiate a transaction. You can reset it at any time.

No Card Information Is Stored on Your Phone

We partner with Braintree, a globally respected payment gateway, to leverage secure vault solutions for all card storage, which adds another powerful layer of security. Your credit/debit card information is never stored on your phone. Neither LevelUp’s nor Swiss Farms’ employees or computers can access your card information. All data is encrypted and protected by industry-standard measures.

PIN-Lock Your App

You can lock the Swiss Farms app by tapping “Settings” and entering a PIN. Of course, you can always lock your phone too.

Carry Tokens, Not Payment Data

Carrying live payment data is naturally risky. The triple token system of the Swiss Farms app means no live payment data is carried on your person, stored in your phone, or delivered to Swiss Farms associates, as opposed to the live payment data in your credit card. It is perhaps the most fundamental component to our security model.

Instant Code Reset

Because your QR code is simply a token, you can reset your code from within your account online at any time. This will regenerate your code, invalidate the old one, and de-authenticate all devices logged into your account. Simply log back in to get your new code.

Transaction Transparency

With each transaction, you get a digital receipt via email and push notification. If something ever looks off, you can reset your code with a single click and stop all activity on your account.

Payment Method Never Leaves Your Hand

When paying with the Swiss Farms app, your phone never leaves your hand. This is not the case with other payment instruments, such as a credit or debit card, where you have to relinquish your card to a store associate. This process-level security improvement eliminates the window of opportunity responsible for many cases of identity theft in the United States.

What if you lose your phone?

If you lose a mobile device with the Swiss Farms app installed on it, visit and log in using your Swiss Farms app email address and password. Once logged in, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Reset QR Code”. Click on the “Deactivate” tab under your Control Panel, and again next to the unique QR Code you need to deactivate. If you have any questions, please contact or 1.855.538.3542.

Fraudulent Transactions

If any transaction appears incorrect or was unauthorized or fraudulent, click on the link included within the email transaction receipt to flag the transaction. You can also contact or 1.855.538.3542. LevelUp will reimburse you for the amount of any fraudulent or unauthorized transactions charged to your account which you report within 2 business days (defined as Monday through Friday). Fraudulent transactions are also protected according to the terms and conditions of your credit/debit card. These protections are in addition to the protections described above.

Swiss Farms App vs. Other Payment Methods

Security Chart