Registered Dietitian for Swiss Farms

Audrey Hasse, MS, RDN


Audrey Hasse is the creator and owner of A.M. Fit, a personal training and healthy lifestyle consultation business in the Philadelphia area, and the newest member of the Swiss Farms team! As a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, Audrey strives to share her passion for nutrition and exercise to help people achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

“I remember driving through Swiss Farms as a kid and know that it holds a special place in people’s lives in this area.  I also know that customers are more informed than ever about the foods they are buying, the ingredients in their food, and how what they are eating affects their health. So I jumped at the chance to help provide customers with good-for-you options that meet the demands of their busy lives while preserving the memories and nostalgia associated with Swiss Farms.”

Audrey is curating the Swiss Farms food products offering to insure they are delicious, meet the culinary guidelines and celebrate local favorites.

Take a look at Audrey’s Food Philosophy to see where Swiss Farms is heading!

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