MajaTei Premium Hot Tea at Swiss Farms

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MajaTei, by Café Excellence

Café Excellence is a micro-roaster based in Audubon, PA that sells blends of premium teas through its label, MajaTei.

The MajaTei team consists of deeply committed tea-lovers who partner with growers that sell only mature, delicately-cultivated tea leaves to bring.  The ingredients of each of their teas are selected carefully and paired with complimentary flavors to produce well-balanced, aromatic, and undeniably delicious blends.  The result is a smoothly flavorful experience.

Varieties Offered

Swiss Farms carries four blends of MajaTei teas, available both by the cup and packaged for home brewing.

  • English Breakfast: This traditional tea mixes Sir Lankan Ceylon and Chinese Black tea with flavors of the Irish countryside.
  • Earl Grey Tea: A Ceylon black tea featuring flavors of Italian Bergamot, cream, and a tantalizing orange aroma.
  • Sencha Green Tea: A delicately crafted whole-leaf Japanese green tea with a delightful aroma and a fragrant finish.
  • Destiny Chai: Traditional Indian tea with spicy cinnamon, orange peel, and naturally sweet clove flavors.

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