JOB TITLE: Sales Associate

REPORTS TO: Store Manager


Sales Associates come into contact with customers while selling our products. It is vital that all customers be dealt with promptly, courteously, and in a manner that will enhance the image of the store while developing excellent customer relations. Sales Associates must be friendly, efficient and courteous for our business to grow and be successful


  1. Be prompt and courteous to all customers. Serve customers in a manner that will enhance the image and sales of the store. Follow all approved Sales Procedures and Customer Relation policies including handing out sales flyers to each customer and upselling product.
  2. Present a clean, neat, well-groomed appearance at all times and possess a manner, attitude, and personality that will create an atmosphere of friendliness and good will with customers and co-workers.
  3. Accurately operate cash register and follow all approved cash handling procedures.
  4. Maintain store in spotless condition. Perform routine cleaning and maintenance.
  5. Clean, sanitize, and arrange merchandise in cooler. Pay particular attention to floor, shelves, and cooler doors.
  6. Keep shelves stocked and product rotated.
  7. Perform routine and periodic maintenance, as assigned by Store Manager.
  8. Be physically capable of lifting and handling case-lots (at least 25 lbs )of merchandise and remaining on feet over extended periods of time.
  9. Work shift assigned by Store Manager. Be prompt and punctual at all times, cognizant of scheduled working hours and capable of working the days and hours as scheduled.
Please use this form to apply for a sales associate position. If you are applying for store manager or assistant manager, please use the Store Management Application. Thank you.
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