From Store to Shore

By: Audrey Hasse

With Memorial Day just around the corner, we are all looking forward to leaving the ‘burbs behind as we head down the shore to relax with family and friends, lay on the beach and soak up some sun.  Inevitably, trips down the shore can mean grabbing unhealthy snacks for the car ride, sticky buns for breakfast, and eating everything along the boardwalk, all in the name of tradition.  While the obligatory pizza, ice cream and caramel corn are a warranted vacation indulgence, remembering the healthy eating habits that helped you get ready for bathing suit season can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you balance clean eating with your summer favorites while you’re down the shore.

Make your meals ahead of time.

Preparing meals ahead of time will help ensure that once you get to the beach, you have some quick, easy, and healthy meals to eat.  That way, you won’t have to rely on going out to eat or grabbing something unhealthy on the run.

Swing by Swiss Farms and grab your Store to Shore Cooler, already filled with a hoagie, ice, and a 6-pack of your favorite teas!  Then, reuse that cooler all summer long to tote your healthy made-ahead meals as you travel down the shore.

store to shore image


Keep the good stuff visible

Instead of having the tempting treats sitting out on the counter or staring at you every time you open the fridge, keep the food and drinks that are good for you where you can see them.  Put all of the snacks back in the pantry when you’re done so they don’t tempt you every time you walk by, and keep the best options visible when you go back to grab something crunchy.

Fill the fridge with containers of fresh fruit, cut up vegetables and hummus, and hardboiled eggs for breakfast or snacks.

Keep your pantry stocked with Boomchickapop Popcorn, Garden of Eatin Chips, Pirate’s Booty, and some Good Natured Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels.


Pack your own snacks for the beach

Before you head to the beach for the day, pack your cooler with some good-for-you snacks and drinks so you have nothing to worry about all day except finishing your book and catching some waves.  Packing your own snacks ensures that you have something healthy to eat so you don’t give in to the temptations along the boardwalk.  It’s also a great money saver – total bonus!

Some great beach snacks and drinks are:

  • Fresh cut fruit
  • Boomchickapop Popcorn
  • Creative Snacks Cashews
  • Krave Beef Jerky
  • Deep River Potato Chips
  • Hint Water

Plan your indulgences ahead of time

Summertime indulgences are more than likely going to happen. So, instead of pretending like they are not, or giving in completely to every tempting treat, pick the one thing you have been thinking about all year and make that your one indulgence for the day.  If you make a point to eat clean and healthy the rest of the day, you are sure to maintain a good balance of healthy and fun!


Farm Favorite This Month: 

Deep River Potato Chips


  • Original Salted
  • Sweet Maui Onion
  • Sea Salt & Vinegar
  • Nacho Cheese

Why We Love Them: 

 We love Deep River Snacks for a number of reasons.  First of all, they’re delicious, obviously.  But even more than that, Deep River is a company focused on giving back to the communities in which they live.  From buying, cooking, and packaging their products domestically to giving back to charitable organizations, Deep River strives to “Give a Chip”.  Each year, they donate at least 10% of their profits to various charities that have played a part in the lives of their employees.  They are also dedicated to sustainable practices in their LEED platinum manufacturing plant, where they use 30% less energy and sustainable packaging materials.  And finally, their ingredients speak for themselves- simple, clean, and real.  They are committed to using non-GMO ingredients, organic when available, and never compromising on their promise of great flavor and the highest quality.  Now that’s a chip we feel good eating!