Falling Into Fall

bf-sandwich-photoBy: Audrey Hasse

Now that the weather has finally changed, the kids are in the groove of school, and the smell of fall is in the air, it’s time to ease into the routine the fall season offers. The fall is a time for fun-filled sporting events, community gatherings, and family outings to the apple orchard. There is something comforting about cozying up on the couch watching a football game, or cheering your kids on as they play soccer on a Saturday morning, coffee in-hand. While you’re skipping from one activity to another this fall and your days are filled to the max, it’s so important to start your day with a healthy breakfast. Just in time for your autumnal activities, Swiss Farms is launching their hand-crafted breakfast sandwiches. As always, we know that you are busy, and convenience is the name of the game, so we decided to make breakfast even easier on you. When you drive through Swiss Farms on your way to work, morning practice, on your way home from the gym, or wherever it is you are headed, you have your pick of 5 hand crafted breakfast sandwiches- bacon, egg and cheese, sausage, egg and cheese, pork roll, egg and cheese, or egg and cheese all on a flaky croissant. And, my personal favorite the better-for-you option- spinach, eggwhite and cheese on a multigrain english muffin. Oh, and did I mention that when you buy any breakfast sandwich between October 1-31, you get a free coffee?! Yup, that’s pretty amazing. Happy fall!

Farm Favorite This Month
Swiss Farms Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg and cheese
Bacon egg and cheese
Sausage egg and cheese
Pork roll egg and cheese
Spinach eggwhite and cheese on a multigrain English muffin

Why we love them
This line of brand new breakfast sandwiches is hand-crafted by the super talented chefs at Swiss Farms. They have carefully made each and every sandwich for your breakfast-eating pleasure. My personal favorite, the spinach, eggwhite and cheese sandwich on a multigrain bun, is the better-for-you alternative to the other delicious sandwiches we have to offer at Swiss Farms. Eggwhites full of protein, check – spinach full of vitamins and minerals, check- a touch of gooey mozzarella cheese for added protein and flavor, check- and all of that on a whole grain English muffin- I’ll take two.

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