Celebrate National Drive-Thru Day With Swiss Farms!

We’ve got a big day coming up here at Swiss Farms! This Sunday is National Drive-Thru Day and we want to take the opportunity to thank all of our amazing customers. So, all day Sunday, July 23, we’re giving away free half gallons of our Swiss teas and lemonades with every purchase! You heard that right, free with every purchase! Think of it as our way of saying thanks for helping make the Swiss Farms experience a great one.

As always, look out for me at the stores! You never know when I might cruise through with some special offers. I might be at your neighborhood Swiss Farms next!



A Swiss Summer is a Fun Summer!

July is a busy month for us at Swiss Farms! As usual, I’ll be cruising around to the stores, saying hi and bringing some great deals with me! But you don’t have to wait to see me to get a deal. At Swiss Farms, we’ve always got something going on! In fact, all month long, you can get two pints of any our delicious Swiss beverages for just one dollar!

As always, we’ve got you covered for all of your summer needs! Having a barbeque? Swing through to pick up propane for your grill. While you’re here, snag one of our limited-edition coolers and a bag of ice to keep your drinks frosty! Having a chill night and don’t feel like cooking? No problem! Grab some of our fresh prepared entrées and sides. We make them fresh every day, so all you have to do is heat them up!

This is shaping up to be a summer of fun! See you soon!



Making New Friends in Sharon Hill

  Hey everybody! Today I got to visit some of my friends working at our Sharon Hill location, and got to make a lot of new friends too. I love getting out to give high fives and hugs to people in the community! I’ll be visiting different stores all summer long, I might be at one near you next so keep your eyes open and your beaks up!  -Cruiser


Hanging Out in East Goshen

Have you ever visited our East Goshen location on Paoli Pike? I haven’t been there since we opened a few months ago, but what a great time I had. I forgot how nice it is! If you haven’t stopped by yet, you definitely should if you’re ever in West Chester!

I had a great time hanging out yesterday, because as nice as the store is, our Swiss Farms associates are even nicer! We all had fun greeting customers, waving at people passing by, and handing out coupons for some great Swiss Farms deals!

Now that I’ve stopped by Swiss Farms, I’m ready to head to the shore for my holiday weekend! Don’t forget to stop by Swiss Farms before your beach trip or party, we have everything you need to celebrate the fourth, especially our limited edition Swiss Farms summer coolers! See you all soon!




Send Us Your Cruiser Selfies!

Who came to say hi on Thursday? I was cruising through Springfield and decided to stop by Swiss Farms to hang out, and I didn’t come empty handed! I brought some pretty great deals with me! Whenever I stop by a store, I like to make sure that my friends stopping in have the best time possible!

As always, I loved seeing everyone waving and honking as they drove by, and I especially loved everyone who stopped to snap a selfie with me! If you have any pictures with me, feel free to post them in the comments here, or on the Swiss Farms Facebook Page. I would absolutely love to see them!

I’ll be all over Delco this week as well, so keep an eye out for me, because I’m never empty handed… winged… you get it. See you all soon!