Beat The Heat

Stick ice cream strawberry flavor

By: Audrey Hasse

Let’s face it.  It’s hot out there.  We are unquestionably in the heat of the summer, and if you are anything like me, you are doing whatever you can to stay cool – which mainly involves a lot of air conditioning.  But, I have also been finding some relief in the form of tasty frozen treats recently that I am here to share with you.  So, here are a few fun tips and treats to help you stay cool on these hot summer days.


Drink plenty of water! It’s super important to stay hydrated in this heat, so to help increase your water intake, try adding a little natural flavor with frozen strawberries.


Make your own ice cubes:  Grab a few different varieties of fresh cut fruit from Swiss Farms.  Throw the fruit into your blender, add a splash of water, and blend away.  Pour the mixture into ice cube trays and put them in the freezer to add to your drinks whenever you are ready.

  • Pineapple Ice Cubes
    • 12 oz. fresh cut pineapple
    • 1 cup water
    • Add the ingredient to a blender and blend until combined. Pour into ice cubes trays and freeze until solid.


Blend up a cool drink or a sweet treat: Start your day with a cool drink by blending up a sunrise smoothie for breakfast.  And then, end your day on a sweet note with an ice cold milkshake.

  • Sunrise Smoothie
    • 1 cup Full Circle frozen strawberries
    • ½ frozen banana
    • ½ cup frozen cantaloupe
    • ½ cup frozen pineapple
    • ½ cup Chobani Greek Yogurt
    • 1 cup Swiss Premium Milk
    • Blend all ingredients together and enjoy! Add more milk if you like a thinner consistency.
  • Caramel Cookie Crunch Milkshake
    • 1 cup Caramel Cookie Crunch Talenti Gelato
    • ½ cup Swiss Premium milk
    • 5 HannahMax Cookies
    • Combine the gelato and milk in a blender and blend until combined. Garnish with HannahMax Cookies, or use them for dunking purposes along the way.


Make your own popsicles:  Never know what to do what that popsicle mold you have in the pantry?!  Well, put it to good use by making your own strawberries and cream popsicles.

  • Strawberries and Cream Popsicles
    • 3 cups Full Circle Frozen Strawberries- thawed
    • 1 cup Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt
    • Blend the thawed strawberries in a blender. Alternate adding the strawberries and yogurt into the popsicle mold.  Once full, put in the sticks and freeze.


Farm Favorite this Month

Talenti Gelato



Caramel Cookie Crunch

Sea Salt Caramel

Sicilian Pistachio

Southern Butter Pecan


Why we love them:

We all know and love ice cream, but have you tried ice cream’s cooler, less fattening cousin, gelato?  If you haven’t, you probably should, because yum!  The real differences between ice cream and gelato are that gelato contains less air (which means more condensed flavor – win!), and more milk than cream (which means naturally less fat – another win!).  And the best part, gelato is just as creamy and delicious as any ice cream you have ever had.


And the gelato we love most – Talenti Gelato.  Talenti takes their flavors to a whole new level with varieties like Caramel Cookie Crunch and Southern Butter Pecan.  Not only do they have cutting edge new flavors and delicious products, they also use containers that are BPA free, recyclable and clear (so you can get a sneak peek of what you are about to indulge in).  With ingredients you can actually understand, Talenti’s gelatos are an indulgent treat to help you beat the summer heat.


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