A Casa Pizza

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A Rich Delco Tradition

Established in 1987, A Casa offers the best “bake at home” pizza and strombolis from its Newtown Square location, using the highest quality, fresh ingredients.

A Commitment to Quality

A Casa’s products have used only all-natural ingredients and no preservatives for the past twenty-five years.  And their quality has been recognized: they were named Best of the Main Line twice: once for Best Takeout Stromboli (Critics, 2013) and once for Best Vegetarian Pizza (Critics, 2012).

Varieties Offered

Swiss Farms carries the following A Casa strombolis:

  • Pepperoni Stromboli

  • Steak Stromboli

  • Spinach Stromboli (Vegetarian)

  • Cheese Stromboli (Vegetarian)

  • Buffalo Chicken Stromboli

  • Breakfast Stromboli: Bacon, Egg & Cheese