Hanging Out in East Goshen

Have you ever visited our East Goshen location on Paoli Pike? I haven’t been there since we opened a few months ago, but what a great time I had. I forgot how nice it is! If you haven’t stopped by yet, you definitely should if you’re ever in West Chester!

I had a great time hanging out yesterday, because as nice as the store is, our Swiss Farms associates are even nicer! We all had fun greeting customers, waving at people passing by, and handing out coupons for some great Swiss Farms deals!

Now that I’ve stopped by Swiss Farms, I’m ready to head to the shore for my holiday weekend! Don’t forget to stop by Swiss Farms before your beach trip or party, we have everything you need to celebrate the fourth, especially our limited edition Swiss Farms summer coolers! See you all soon!




Send Us Your Cruiser Selfies!

Who came to say hi on Thursday? I was cruising through Springfield and decided to stop by Swiss Farms to hang out, and I didn’t come empty handed! I brought some pretty great deals with me! Whenever I stop by a store, I like to make sure that my friends stopping in have the best time possible!

As always, I loved seeing everyone waving and honking as they drove by, and I especially loved everyone who stopped to snap a selfie with me! If you have any pictures with me, feel free to post them in the comments here, or on the Swiss Farms Facebook Page. I would absolutely love to see them!

I’ll be all over Delco this week as well, so keep an eye out for me, because I’m never empty handed… winged… you get it. See you all soon!



Happy Father’s Day to Our Dads!

This Sunday is Father’s Day! How are you planning on showing your dad that you care? I know what I’m doing. I’m stopping by Swiss Farms to pick up some bacon and eggs to fix him a nice Father’s day breakfast! Don’t get your dad another ugly neck tie this year; there’s no better way to a dad’s heart than through his stomach!

We’ve got everything a dad needs to start his day; pork roll, scrapple, fresh brewed coffee, 2 for $5 breakfast sandwiches, and, of course, The Daily Times, that he reads every morning!

We at Swiss Farms know how important dads are and we want to do our part to help you make his day special. On behalf of all of us here at Swiss Farms; Happy Father’s Day!



Checkin Out My New Coop!

Hey everybody! Today I fought the heat to visit some of my friends over at our Havertown location. I made a new friend named Molly and we posed for some pictures together! The Havertown store is getting remodeled and soon they’re going to look brand new. I even got to see how the construction is coming along! They’re building a new silo AND a chicken coop. I’ll have to tell my family we’re movin’ in! Keep checking back for more events and store visits that I will be participating in. Happy Tuesday!


Flying Around in Delco

Did you see me this week? I was cruising around and decided to stop by a few Swiss Farms stores! On Wednesday I said hi to everyone in Swarthmore, and on Thursday I spent some time hanging out in Broomall! I had such a fun time waving to everyone as they drove by, and seeing everyone honk and wave back really made my day! I got to hand out some pretty sweet coupons for great Swiss Farms food, and I even got to pose for some pictures with some amazing Swiss Farms customers! I’ll be posting here about where I’ll be heading next. Keep an eye out, because when I stop by, you know there’s going to be some special offers!

If you saw me this week, let me know in the comments! I’m cruising around all the time, so if you haven’t gotten to see me yet, you will soon! Let me know what store you want me to stop by next, and I’ll try to stop by asap!