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Mom Tip: Be Brave and Say “Yes”

The biggest gift I will get this year isn’t material. It’s the gift of knowledge. Just this week, well into my 30’s, I realized that by taking a risk, facing a fear, and simply not caring what people think, a person can truly achieve. For me, that achievement came in the form of singing “Shake […]

Mom Tip: Give Less… Stuff

We tell our kids this time of year is all about giving, but I know even I’m guilty of not clarifying WHAT we should give.  And at this point, they’re focused on the fact the Mommy, Daddy, Santa, Grandma, and Uncle Bob are doing plenty of giving. They know with certainty that their vast treasure […]

Mom Tip: Embrace the Lights!

I really do love this time of year.  While many folks complain about the holidays starting the day after Halloween, I say bring it on!  I don’t mind the melding of Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and Christmas into a two-month-long “Thankschrisnukah”!  What’s not to like about food, lights, the smell of pine, and the excuse to drink […]