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Mom Tip: Take the Long Way Home

One of my favorite places to be in the summer is the car. Not the oven you enter right after crossing the desert of a parking lot, but the oasis it transforms into ten minutes later as the air conditioner hits you with direct God-sent coldness and Oldies 98 is playing Martha and the Vandellas. […]

Mom Tip: Dilly Dally

My son is a dilly-dallier ( see: lollygagger) He moves at the pace of a snail, touching everything, lingering in doorways, playing with locks, picking flowers, asking questions about every sign, commenting on people‚Äôs shoes, and yes, smelling the roses. Today, as we proceeded with our 10-minute trip from the register to the doorway at […]

Thank You for Making our Customer Appreciation Day a Success!

Thank you to all of our customers for making Customer Appreciation Day at our Folsom store a great success! Because so many of you came out, we successfully handed out all of the food and prizes. We appreciate you coming out purchase. Excessively viagrawith paypal running my so product moisturizer best generic viagra completely tried, […]