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Mom Tip: Know What You Don’t Like

I try to always try to focus on the positive in these mom tips, but sometimes we all have to face the things we simply don’t like. And there are just some things I CANNOT STAND about parenting. 1) Micromanaging my daughter’s outfits in the morning. This is a painful battle of wills between my […]

Mom Tip: Be a Part of It

I usually skip “life quote” Facebook posts: the quotes with fancy fonts attributed to some philosopher or artist whose name you vaguely recall. But this one got me. “We aren’t living IN our world, we’re a part of our world.” This quote seems particularly appropriate as we start the school year. For my fellow parents, […]

Mom Tip: Procrastinate

Holy cow! I can’t believe school starts next week. The summer seemed to have just kicked off. My skin finally has a slight tan (ghost pale to more of an eggshell,) my sunflowers finally bloomed, and the kids finally swam on their own. I feel like I’ve been splashed with a bucket of cold water (oh […]