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That’s the Halloween Spirit!

One of our customers, Vince Sprague, sent us some Halloween creations. Very creative, Vince! Share your own creations and we’ll post them on our Facebook page!  

Spooky Milk Jugs

Sure, you can pick up some Orange Scream milk half-gallons at Swiss Farms stores, but don’t stop there!  You can get your milk gallons involved in the Halloween spirit with these Spooky Milk Jugs! Step One What you’ll need: clean Swiss Farms milk or tea cooler jugs, black permanent marker, craft knife, string of clear, […]

Mom Tip: Find the Shortcuts

As much as I like taking the long, scenic route when time allows, there’s nothing quite as sweet as finding that back-road route that cuts out Route 1, West Chester Pike, MacDade Blvd, and Baltimore Pike. I know it seems like an impossible feat, but I have done it. There’s nothing like being able to […]