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Mom Tip: Make the Most of the Snow Day

For the record, I can’t stand snow. It could be because my parents never properly equipped me with snow gear.  I think I mostly wore corduroys with wool tights underneath and my gloves were NEVER waterproof.  Wool is not pleasant when wet. My snow trauma was only increased upon having kids. The process of outfitting […]

Mom Tip: Take That Sick Day!

There’s a commercial out there I want you to ignore. It features a tired mom and has the tagline, “Moms don’t get sick days.” Well, I’m here to say we do. It doesn’t matter how much Dayquill we take, when we’re sick, we need rest. While yes, we still have to care for our children’s […]

Mom Tip: Nuture Your Village

Mom Tip: Nuture Your Village It’s that time of year when snow needs to be shoveled, you need a last minute babysitter, and favors are more valuable than dollars. The work piles up, and even getting from one place to another can be a struggle, particularly after a snowstorm. It truly does “take a village” […]