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Mom Tip: Warm It Up

Holy frostbite, Batman! It’s cold. It’s so cold, I want to eat a roasted chicken and mashed potatoes and crawl in a cave and sleep for the next four months. Alas, I’m human and live I modern society where I must actually function during these dreary frosty months. I have to figure out a way […]

Mom Tip: Ask for Help

Today, I couldn’t do it alone. Lucky for me, I wasn’t alone. I had a kind neighbor, a trusty friend, a helpful school mom, a sweet son, and a loving husband help me.  I was sick. Not deathbed-sick, but need-some-extra-sleep-sick. These folks all pitched in the help me have a day of rest. How many […]

Mom Tip: Throw Out the Plan

I’m a list-maker. I love lists and marking off the “to do’s” of my life. It gives me a solid sense that the day was productive. Yesterday, I awoke to a long list. I was going to tackle a few tasks for work, vote, clean some parts of my house that have been neglected since […]