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eggs in a basket

Chef Tim Tip: Spin eggs to tell them apart

Hard-Boiled Eggs Chef Tim gives a lesson on center of gravity as a way to help determine whether an egg is hardboiled or raw. A hardboiled egg will spin like a top where as the raw egg will flop to one side and barely spin at all. No more egg salad mishaps! Chef Tip: Spinning […]

Poached Eggs

Chef Tim Tip: Perfect Poached Eggs

Swiss Farms’ Chef Tim McGinnis unravels the mystery of brunch as he shows you how to properly poach an egg. Bring a pot of water to just below boiling point, about 180 F. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar, and create a whirlpool in the pot using your wooden spoon or a heat resistant spatula. […]

Chicken 100x100

Swiss Farms to Table

Since its humble beginnings more than forty years ago, Swiss Farms has always been about wholesome, convenient, and quality food…